Terms & Conditions

Important information please read carefully.
QED Total clean take every care during all stages of cleaning your fabrics and carpet. However, we do not accept responsibility for fading or colour loss or complete removal of stubborn stains, or for fabric damage where the curtain and drape has been weakened by age or sunlight or other chemicals you may have applied.

It is the customers responsibility to alert the booking consultant or operator of any known issues regarding curtains, upholstery or carpets.

All curtains and drapes will be re measured and assessed prior to cleaning. A colour fast test will be carried out. Any concerns we have regarding your curtains will be bought to your attention.

Curtains must be hanging on the curtain rail in order to be cleaned unless prior arrangements have been made to re - hang.
If at the booked appointment the customer decides not to have any cleaning carried out there will be a call out charge of $130.00 inc gst.
If on arrival we deem the curtains to be beyond cleaning and cleaning cannot take place there will be a call out charge of $130.00 inc gst
If however another service can be fulfilled on the booked day the call out charge will not be applicable.

Payment Instructions

Payment is due on completion of work.

3% surcharge

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