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Do you clean your windows, carpets and car on a regular basis? What about your mattress, when did you last have that cleaned?


If you're suffering from asthma, eczema or sleepless nights it may be because you haven't had your mattress or pillows specially cleaned to rid them of the millions of dust mites, bacteria and fungi that you're currently sleeping with. We spend a third of our life in bed, yet many of us fail to sanitise ours properly. With every move, the bed acts like bellows, blowing the mite excrement into the mouth, nose and eyes causing many potential health problems.

Did you know?

Skin Eaters

The average mattress can contain up to 2 million mites. The modern mattress is built to last for over 15 years, so it has never been more important that mattresses are sanitised regularly.

And some things you don’t want to know!

Our qualified and expertly trained QED Total Clean team here in Auckland can rescue your mattress. We can hygenically remove dust and mites, leaving you with a sanitised and healthy mattress.

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